I believe in you. I believe in your innate power to be kind, confident and compassionate with yourself and others. And, I believe that through a little work and practice, everyone of us can improve our minds, bodies and hearts.

As a yoga teacher and crafty designer, I live by the words of Khalil Gibran's The Prophet, "Work is love made visible." What we do, what we say, and our attitude behind our deeds is tranformative, the question is, how do you want to transform?

In my experience, the practices of yoga provide a space for awareness and observation, from there, we choose. We choose the next pose, the next breath, the next thoughts, words and actions, and that is tranformation.

I believe that loving mindfulness is the key ingredient to a healthy practice and life. Whether you are interested in feeling better in your mind, body, heart, or all of the above, I am here to support you. 

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You can find me teaching at Wild Lotus Yoga in New Orleans, LA.

Uptown - 4842 Perrier Street (One Block off Prytania at Upperline) New Orleans, LA 70115

Sundays - 6pm - Serenity

Mondays - 4:30pm - Restorative

Tuesday - 9am - Foundations

Tuesdays 6pm - Flow & Restore

My favorite poem EVER, comes from Hafiz

“Even after all this time
the Sun never says to the Earth
‘You Owe Me.’
Look at what happens
with a love like that
it lights up the whole sky.”