As a yoga teacher and crafty designer, Andra lives by the words of Khalil Gibran’s The Prophet, “Work is love made visible.” What we do, what we say, and our attitude behind our deeds is tranformative, and that is what Andra finds enthralling about Yoga. She believes that if we approach our practice and our lives with loving kindness, yoga provides a space for awareness and observation, from there, we choose. We choose the next pose, the next breath, the next thoughts, words, and actions. That is how we transform.

“Work is love made visible.”

Andra  was introduced to yoga while finishing her Architectural Thesis and immediately embraced the various asana, breathing, meditation and chanting practices that helped her maintain balance in her life. After experiencing the benefits of the practice, in 2008 Andra enrolled in Wild Lotus Yoga’s first Soul School Teacher Training Program.Andra has continued to study, reenrolling in Soul School 2012, Daniel Orlansky’s Yoga of Energy Flow 500 Hr Teacher Training, Lynn Jensen’s Yoga for Fertility, and the Amrit Institute's Yoga Nidra Training. She feels blessed to have learned from an array of talented teachers including Sean Johnson, Jai Uttal, Mitchel Bleier, Daniel Orlansky, Kate Greer, Lynn Jensen and Scott Blossom.

Aham Prema - I am divine love

Emphasizing slow, deliberate and mindful movement, as well as mediation and restorative postures, Andra focuses on enhancing the Relaxation Response, helping people move from the Flight or Fight reaction into the Rest and Digest state. This philosophy of practice inspired Andra to design and create the first Flow & Restore classes at Wild Lotus Yoga and within the city of New Orleans.

In addition to her work at the yoga studio, Andra is a graphic designer and makes delightful goodies as a screenprinter.

In her free time, Andra loves to scratch dog bellies, laugh, spend time with her friends, sing, and discover new ways to be crafty. She is currently enrolled in Lampwork classes and looks forward to playing with glass.