Private Sessions

Based on your desires and needs, Andra will guide you through a custom practice incorporating any and all of the following pracitces:

  • Yoga Asana

    Yoga Asana, or postural yoga, serves to awaken, strengthen, and open the muscular body through slow deliberate movements and holding poses. All body types and all levels of experience can be accomodated.
  • Restorative Yoga

    A passive physical Asana practice that uses props to support the body to assist the body in entering deep states of rest and relaxation. Or as I like to call it sleepy, snuggly sloth Yoga:)
  • Reiki

    An energy alignment technique, can be offered during moments of relaxation (on the massage table, during Restorative Postures and/or at the end of the practice during Savasana).
  • Yoga Nidra

    A guided sleep-based meditation designed to lead you into deep relaxation so that the body/mind can begin to restore itself.
  • Yin Yoga